Kareena Kapoor Photos

Kareena Kapoor Photos

Actress Kareena Kapoor

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It is relatively easy to gain fame and stardom on an individual level in the film industry. However, to become one of the most influential, famous and eminent families of any film industry is a feat that only certain people can achieve. The “Kapoors” are arguably the Picasso of this art as they may be the most famous family in whole of Bollywood Cinematography. The family which has just entered its fourth generation after hitting it big at the start on the silver screen does not need any more introductions. One of the focal persons of this family in this era is Kareena Kapoor. She is the daughter of “Randhir Kapoor” and “Babita Kapoor” and the younger sister of “Karishma Kapoor”, all three of whom are world renowned actors.

Background and Early Life:

Born in Mumbai, one of the biggest cities of India on September 21st 1980, the actress is currently 36 years old. One of the standout point of her early life is the fact that despite being a renowned actor himself, his father did not approve of her daughters (Karishma and Kareena) entering the film industry. He claimed that a woman should focus on maternal duties rather than heading out into the limelight. This led to constant arguments between her parents which led to their separation. Her mother took on the job of raising her two daughters on her own and had to, sometimes, do dual jobs just to make ends meet. All this changed when Karishma made her filming debut in 1991 and Kareena got some exposure of the industry along with her sister.

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Acting Career:

Kareena herself was not far behind her elder sister and made her acting debut in 2000 alongside “Abishek Bachan” in the war drama “Refugee”. She got critical acclaim for her role in the movie and was deemed a “natural performer” by many who adored the film. She later on had a few setbacks but that is just parcel and parcel of the job. She eventually hit it home with her performance in the 2001 melodrama “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”, a movie that is still remembered to this day. Other major hits starring Kareena are listed below:

· Chameli – 2004

· Dev – 2004

· Kyun Ki – 2005

· Bodyguard – 2011

· Ra.One – 2011

Awards and Nominations:

Being one of the most prominent film stars of this era, it comes as little surprise that Kareena has bagged a multitude of awards and nominations throughout her glamorous career, these are also inclusive of the prestigious “Filmfare Awards” which she has also won a whopping six times out of the ten times that she was nominated. Apart from those, she has won numeous “IIFA” and “Style” awards, both of which are highly respectable achievements to have.

Personal Life:

Kareena is married to the famous Bollywood actor “Saif Ali Khan” and also just gave birth to their first baby boy. She is known as an outspoken and honest person by her peers and she transitions that energy into her performances which is one of the reasons of her phenomenal and extraordinary career. In January 2011, Kareena was placed fourth on Rediffs “Top 10 actresses of 2000-2010”. Owing to her elaborate success on the big screen, it should also come as no surprise that she is one of the highest grossing female celebrities in Bollywood and her couple with Saif Ali Khan is one of the richest couples to ever grace the film industry.

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