Chalk N Duster Movie First Day Review

Chalk N Duster Movie First Day Review -

Chalk N Duster is a story of two teachers who take on their own school because of bad treatment of their principal. Vidya (Shabana Azmi) and Jyoti (Juhi Chawala) are teachers teaching in a private school. Mrs. Shastri (Zarina Wahab) is the school Principal While Kamini Gupta (Divya Dutta) is the horrible supervisor. Kamini Gupta brain washes the school’s owner Anmol Parekh (Arya Babbar) to make her kamini as principal and terminate the services of Mrs. Shastri.

Now the kamini gupta becomes principal and she wants to make the school of international standard, She starts creating situations so that the old and experienced teachers would get frustrated enough to leave their jobs and she could appoint new teachers who would follow her every instructions.

After becoming principal she has removed the chairs from every classroom and asks teachers to pay for their daily cup of tea. She even throws out the little son of teacher because she cannot afford his fees. Accusing vidya teacher of not being good enough, she dismisses her for the parents complaint as a reason. Now vidya teacher suffers a heart attack on reading the termination letter and has to be hospitalised. The news reaches to media so a telivision channel reporter (Richha Chadha) exposes the school and her principal. Jyoti is the only teacher who stands with vidya and others are fearful of losing their jobs.

Jyoti is about to dismissed by principal kamini gupta for daring to go against her but she resigns herself. She decided to expose the school and the principal so she met with the news reporter richa chadha. An interview of jyoti on the telivision channel inspires the students of vidya teacher to come out in open and support vidya teacher . It become revolution when her students sends their videos to Tv channel to express how good was she.

The strory is about the sacrifices ¬†teachers make to selflessly educate students who then move on ¬†in life and dont even think about teacher who laid the foundation for their future. The screenplay is interesting and engaging. Dialouges are also good. Shabana azmi’s role is amazing she did it nicely. Juhi Chawala also played a nice role as jyoti teacher.

On the whole chalk N duster is nice film with good intention but its box office collection will not be gonna good.

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