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Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani is inarguably a tasty toast of beauty and brains. An ambitious young actress, she is confidently the future of Bollywood. Kiara Advani had her birth on the 31st of July 1992. Kiara Advani is the daughter of Jagdeep Advani a well-to-do Indian businessman, with her mother Geneviève Jaffrey. There is also Mishaal, Kiara Advani’s younger brother. Digging deeper into her biological roots, Mr. Jagdeep Advani (Kiara’s father) is a Sindhi, and then Kiara’s mother was born to Hameed Jaffrey(a Muslim) by Valerie Salway, a woman who has a mixture of Portuguese, Irish, Scottish, and Spanish descent.

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Truth is Kiara didn’t just find herself in the industry, by birth she has been inextricably linked to Bollywood and it was only a matter of time for her dreams to hatch on TV. Talking about these Bollywood links, Kiara’s grandfather (on her mother’s side), Hameed Jaffrey, is a brother to Saeed Jaffrey ( a famous indian actor of old). And then the second wife of Kiara’s maternal grandfather who happens to be Kiara’s step-grandmother is the eldest daughter of Ashok Kumar, a veteran Indian actor who had built a loud reputation for himself in time past in the Indian film industry. Even Kiara’s very mother Geneviève Jaffrey had this sister, Shaheen Jaffrey, who once had a relationship with the Bollywood idol Salman Khan – reports has it that she was Khan’s first girlfriend. These strings of relationships has resulted in a steadfast affiliation with the very Salman Khan who has assumed a fatherly position to Kiara in the Indian movie industry. It was said that Salman has a strong hand in her Karia’s name shift to ‘Kiara’ from ‘Alia’.

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According to Kiara, her father acceded to her passions after being inspired by the award winning 2009 film 3 Idiots. Upon watching the film, her father saw that talents should not be snuffed out with formal education, hence he fed Kiara with his consent which now fattened her dedication towards burrowing a place for herself in the Indian film industry. Now aided with the wings of parental support, Kiara Advani flew past two brief courses at Anupam Kher‘s school of acting as well as Roshan Taneja’s institute which really embellished her acting skills.

With passion now adorned with training, she made her official debut cameo in Kabir Sadanand’s comedy drama film, Fugly, alongside fellow newcomers like Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba. Fugly was well described as “social thriller with a message” by the director. Over the years Kiara Advani has been steadily carving her way into a congested industry. Carving with very sharp chisels of beauty and brains, she is very likely to carve out superstar stardom for herself in the industry.

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Kiara Advani


Kiara Advani


Kiara Advani
Kiara Advani

Latest News

Kiara Advani has been making the headlines quite a couple of times. Latest was the flood of kisses from Sushant Singh Rajput that she was drowning in. Their pictures littered the news with both Untold Story’ stars seeming to have missed themselves in quite a long time as they shared excited moments together at Salman Khan’s 51st birthday bash. Certainly the skies look too low to be the limits of Kiara Advani.


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